Missoula County Montana

Strategic Partnerships...providing more service to our Customers

Harris Manufacturing has developed several Strategic Partnerships which may benefit our customers and help better serve their overall needs.  These strategic partnerships help reduce overall costs and provide options to our customers for competitive pricing of complete packages from Fabrication through Installation & General Contracting.

Harris Thermal Transfer Products — Sister Company to Harris Manufacturing supplying machining and other services, reducing our overhead costs by sharing equipment/resources while preserving the high quality level and ensuring the timely supply of parts required to meet our customers' schedules.

Greenberry Industrial — Partners with Harris Manufacturing for multi-disciplined and larger projects.  Supporting Harris Manufacturing with structural steel and modular plant fabrication out of their Cut Bank, Montana facility as well as providing options for installation and general contracting services to our customers.

Omega Morgan — Transportation company with equipment storage yard located on our Montana property in order to provide shipping altertnatives for our customers including specialized and heavy hauling options.

Missoula College (University of Monata) Welding Technology School — Partners in welding technology education in order to produce higher qualified welders to the workforce and helping to provide employment opportunities for their students at Harris Manufacturing.

Helena College (University of Montana) Welding Technology School — Helping provide employment opportunities for their students at Harris Manufacturing.

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