Missoula County Montana

Company Profile

8129  Cowboy Trail  ●  Bonner, Montana  59823  ●  1-800-767-9507
Year Founded:
Pland Location:
Sister Plant Location:
2014 (Sister Company, Harris Thermal Transfer Products founded in 1885)
C Corporation in Montana
Bonner, Montana (36,000 sq ft Fabrication Space)
Newberg, Oregon (50,000 sq ft Fabrication Space) and
Portland, Oregon (24,000 sq ft Fabrication Space)

Authorized Inspection Agency:
Engineering Capabilities:

Hartford Steam Boiler Inspection and Insurance Company
Full mechanical design using a variety of software
Full thermal design using Task+/B-Jac
Full finite element analysis (FEA) capabilities using NASTRAN
Engineering Designed to:
●  ASME "U", "R" & "PP" Stamps
●  "CE" Stamp
●  CRN Certifications
●  TEMA 620/650/660 Standards

NDE Equipment and Testing:
Positive Material Identification (PMI):  in-house, Niton
Helium Leak Testing:  in-house
Radiography:  in-house ASNT Level II & III
Liquid Penetrant:  in-house ASNT Level II & III
Ultrasonic Testing:  in-house ASNT Level II & III
Ferrite Testing:  in-house
Hardness Testing:  in-house

Machining Forming and Cutting Equipment:
CNC drilling/milling machines:  5
Radial arm drills:  3
Boring mills:  3
Lathes:  2
CNC Plasma head burn table:  1
Hydraulic Plate shear:  1
Hydraulic 400 ton break press:  1
Plate rolls:  5
Automatic subarc seam welder:  1
Automatic orbital TIG welder:  6
Angle rolls:  1
Inventory:  Harris has a wide range of materials kept in inventory for quicker equipment production and emergency services.